127 Days Down, 6 Days to Go!


I usually get super mega anxious the week before I go to visit Alex for several reasons:

1. Because OMG I get to see Alex!

2. Physics is wrong. Airplanes  fall out of the sky.

3. I think since I’ve built up so much anticipation for the trip, that I want everything to be perfect so I get a little cray cray trying to plan everything. (We’ve made some really awesome plans!)

I’ve got six days until I’m boarding an airplane to sunny(er) North Carolina and jumping into the arms of my super duper awesome cute amazeballs boyfriend! (He loves my affectionate eloquence) Elated doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now. I can picture it now…grabbing my carry on at the gate, since the plane will be too small for everyone to keep their carry ons in the overhead bins, wandering like a lost puppy through the airport until I see his familiar smile, probably wearing Vans and khakis, and climbing into his car with the familiar scent of of a black Little Trees air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. It’ll take me a few minutes to adjust to riding in his lowered car and I’ll feel a confusing mix of sheer happiness and awkwardness to finally be in his presence once again. He’ll grab my hand and rest it on the shift knob of his car, and cool, nighttime air will flush my face through the open passenger window. He’ll ask me about my flight and kiss me on the cheek. I’ll tell him to keep his eyes on the road and probably complain about being hungry. We’ll probably eat at Cook Out, and I’ll get a corn dog and Cheerwine, and he’ll get a barbecue chicken sandwich. He’ll turn down the music as we go through the gate into base housing, and complain about the roads. We’ll park in front of our friends’ house, grab my things, bring them upstairs, and collapse. And I will feel right at home sleeping next to him, even though I’ll be exactly 1,082 miles away from my own little bed.

I’ve cried a lot of tears over the distance, the conflicting schedules, the uncertainty, the missed anniversaries and holidays, but the time we spend together always washes away those frustrations. I’m ready for those frustrations to be washed away once again, even if it’s only for 9 days. See you soon, A. ✈❤


4 thoughts on “127 Days Down, 6 Days to Go!

  1. Rebecca

    Girl this post just hit home. I deeply feel for you. I met Brendon in Jacksonville at the beginning of last summer and spent every weekend traveling between Virginia and NC. In August i pinned his wings on him and he PCS to San Diego. We’ve spent the last few months on planes back and forth across the US. He deployed last month and while he is gone i am moving across the country, from everything i’ve ever known, to big ole’ California. I am scared out of my mind and so incredibly excited to make our next hello not end in “see you later” for a long while. My heart aches for you, believe me i understand. Also, Jacksonville Cook Out’s hold a special place in my heart. Cheerwine float….nothing better. If you’re there this summer, lets plop some chairs down at Topsail one weekend! Much love sweet girl!


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