Liebster Award!


Hey y’all! Today is a happy Monday! Wisconsin Whimsy was nominated for the Liebster Award, a blogging award that aims to recognize and encourage new and upcoming bloggers. I was nominated by my gorgeous friend Ashley, who runs an awesome fashion and lifestyle blog here, at! (Check it out, she’s seriously stylish!)

She included this quote in her blog about the Liebster Award and I think it really helps identify the goal of the award:

 “The purpose of this award is to recognize the hard work of new & upcoming bloggers and to introduce you to new gal pals to follow. Once someone is nominated, they are asked to answer a series of eleven questions that reveals information about them you may not find out in their daily posts. They are then asked to nominate 11 new bloggers.”

So, without further adieu, here is my Q&A!

1: How did you get into blogging?
I have always been a writer, whether it was for school, journaling, or on social media. I actually started a blog in high school that was mostly just random blurbs about my life, but I loved the idea of putting my voice out there and connecting with the blogging community. I’ve been a beauty diva since I was a little girl, so it only makes sense that beauty is the forefront of Wisconsin Whimsy. I have filmed YouTube beauty videos in the past, and decided to make Wisconsin Whimsy my project for 2015, and so far I love it! I’m made some great blog friends and learned a lot more about writing and beauty since I started.
2: If you could have anyone’s closet, who’s would you want?
Ascot from! I love her style…it’s casual cool and super chic. I now have an affinity for Adidas slides and boyfriend jeans thanks to her! She posts a lot on her instagram, so check it out!
3: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Guy crush? Chuck Bass. Because, duh.
Girl crush? Demi Lovato! I know it sounds super basic, but I think she’s stunning with an amazing voice and I love how she’s really sparked an empowering dialogue for addiction and mental illness.
4: First thing you would do if you won the lottery?
Scream? Cry? Pay off student loans? Buy out my local Target for fun? I honestly have no idea! I’ve never even purchased a lottery ticket before…so maybe I would just be confused how I won!
5: One song on your playlist you’re embarrassed by but would never delete?
DON’T JUDGE ME. I have a tie.
“Down on Me” by 50 Cent and Jeremih and “Too Little Too Late” by JoJo. They’re the kind of songs that I jam out to in the shower or the car. I never get sick of them, and I know every single word. 😅🙈
6: You’re going to a dinner party tonight, what are you cooking?
Hmmmm….this is a great question! One of my favorite salads right now is spring mix with fresh strawberries, vidalia onion, and pecans with a light poppyseed dressing! I love the sweetness of the fruit with the nutty pecans and bitter greens. But, if I were to bring an appetizer it would probably be hot, creamy, Old Bay crab dip with French bread.
7: All time favorite TV Show?
The Killing. It is seriously one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and got a lot of critical acclaim! I shamelessly watched the first two seasons in two weeks. It’s probably tied with Dexter, though. Apparently I’m into morbid TV shows.
8: What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?
Wow, and I thought the other questions were hard! I wear a full face of makeup almost every day, so I’m not used to having to choose! Mascara would probably be my number one, since I have blonde lashes and I think in minimalistic makeup looks, mascara seems to pull it all together. Right now I’ve been loving Urban Decay Big Fatty! If I could cheat and choose three things, it would be BB cream, Brow Wiz, and mascara.
9: You’re at Starbucks, what do you order?
One grande iced caramel macchiato with my name spelled incorrectly, please. 🙆
10: What’s your cure for a bad day?
A pep talk from Alex, a long, hot shower, and carbs. Lots of carbs. Usually tea and Netflix make their way into the equation as well.
11: What’s a fashion trend from your childhood that you would bring back?
Jellies! I know they became sort of cool again a couple of years ago, but I think jelly sandals are so cute haha! Maybe update them a little bit, but I have so many memories of wearing them as a child and I think they would be great for spring and summer styles.
Hopefully you’ve gotten to know a little bit more about me outside of makeup! I love the idea and message behind the Liebster Award and I’m super excited to nominate some amazing bloggers that I follow:
1. Tiffany (My homegirl) at
I highly encourage you to check out those awesome blogs run by even more awesome women! Thanks again to Ashley for the nomination! ❤💙💜💚

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