May 2015 Favorites!

It feels like I wrote my April favorites yesterday…I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! (read: unemployed and in a Netflix coma) The weather is FINALLY warming up here, and I’m getting a head start on my *gasp* wedding plans! You heard it here first, peeps. I’m getting married this August, and I can’t wait! Now, onto the things you actually care about:

1. Essie Haute in the Heat (7.64 on SALE! now at Target) – I am loving this punchy red-raspberry color for summer! Okay…”almost summer.” I don’t usually like Essie polishes (I know, I know) because I think they chip very easily and I don’t like the brush. I think if I’m paying $8-9 for a bottle of nail polish, you’d think they could at least update the brush from like, 1997. This gets minor chipping in 1-2 days on me, which is obnoxious and reminds me why I don’t ever buy Essie polishes, but the color is why this one made the list. Maybe I’ll try it on my toes instead and see if I can get longer wear out of it!

2. Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want It All Leave in Treatment ($20 at Ulta) – I actually have been using a deluxe sample of this product, but I’ve been considering buying the full size! This is a 22-in-1 product (who actually uses 22 hair products?), and claims to penetrate hair with soy, cocoa, and argan oil to fortify strands. I’ve noticed that it leaves my hair soft, and I like the coconut-y scent it leaves behind in my hair. The consistency reminds me a little of It’s A 10 leave in treatment, as do the results. I actually noticed that my hair seemed and felt healthier, which is a rare experience for me with leave in conditioners.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brows Kit in Dark Brown ($36 at Ulta) – RAVE OF THE MONTH! I cannot say enough good things about this kit from Ulta. First of all, it’s a steal, because you get the brow duo powder, the no. 7 brush, and a full-size brow gel for $36. The brow powder alone is $23. I have Dip Brow and have previously raved about the Brow Wiz, but the powder do is definitely my new staple. The powders are so pigmented and smooth, and the two shades allow you to go for a natural, bold, or ombre look. The brush is amazing – it’s super stiff, so you get clean lines, and the spoolie helps blend the product. The brow gel keeps any stray hairs in place all day without making them crusty. I will definitely be repurchasing this!

4. Benefit Dallas ($28 at Sephora) – This is my absolute holy grail blush for summer. It’s a warm, plum-bronze, with a satin sheen. It’s lightly fragranced, which I didn’t like at first, although it’s starting to grow on me. It comes with the standard goat hair brush, as with all other Benefit boxed powders. The packaging is adorable as usual, and I would imagine that this blush is flattering on all skin tones. It gives the perfect natural beachy glow. I highly recommend this, especially for summer!

5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic ($9.49 at Ulta) – I’ve had this product for a looong time, and it’s actually almost empty! If you like lip crayons, semi-sheer color, and a slightly glossy finish, this is the lip product for you! The reason it made my favorites this month is that I love a bright red lip on summer nights, and this is super easy to toss in a bag and apply without a mirror. I would repurchase this to keep in my bag for when I need to look put together on the go! I  wouldn’t call this product a stain, but it is definitely a dupe of the Clinique Chubby Sticks lip crayons (I have two).

6. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Cleanser ($8.49 at Ulta) – After years of using cleansers with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, I decided to try out cleansers without any acne-fighting ingredients for a change. My first dabble was the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Moisturizing Cleanser ($5.49 at Target), which was nothing special. I picked this Neutrogena cleanser up on a whim, and so far, I am super impressed! It smells so yummy – fresh and clean, and leaves my skin super soft. I haven’t had any issues with this cleanser drying my skin out. Since I started using this cleanser at night and my acne-fighting cleanser in the morning, I’ve actually noticed an improvement in my skin from was using an acne cleanser twice a day. Never saw that coming!

7. Aussie 7n1 Dry Shampoo ($3.50 at Walmart) – I actually bought this from a local grocery store in a rush. I was on my way to a party and hadn’t had the time to wash and style my hair. I always buy the Suave dry shampoo, but the grocery store didn’t carry it and I despise the Tresemme dry shampoo, so this was my only option. I’m in love! It smells amazing, completely gets rid of any oily sheen, and adds a significant amount of volume. If you don’t work it into your hair, it can look a little white, but that’s to be expected. I will definitely be repurchasing this!

That’s a wrap for my May favorites. Let me know if there are any products you’ve been loving so that I can try them out in June!



2 thoughts on “May 2015 Favorites!

  1. Sarah Holtz

    Obsessed with #3 and #4! I’m literally stalking the Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brows Kit on! It’s in my shopping cart (along with about $150 dollars worth of other goodies… but hey I have THREEE dollars off….) but, I’m being a responsible adult and waiting to purchase it until after my bills are paid. Can we also talk about how you have to spend $50 to get free shipping? There isn’t an Ulta close to where we go to school, but there will be in Fall 2015! Also Shelbie Van Asten, what are your thoughts on the new Naked Smoky coming out July 8th? Have you stalked it on Kandee Johnson’s channel yet? Lastly, what about the TOO FACED Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection? I can’t remember if you purchased it or just have been stalking it online! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I returned the Cocoa Contour! I hated it lol. But 5x points on Too Faced at Ulta is rather tempting… I haven’t decided how I feel about the Naked Smoky yet because I feel like Naked Palettes are slightly overrated…but who knows I might still buy it 😂


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