Review: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince


Hi friends! I have been seriously MIA…sorry about that. I got really caught up in my wedding, Alex being home, moving, starting school, and all of the curveballs in between! Rest assured that I’m alive and I’ll have plenty more blogs up soon – including all the details from my wedding and a couple of Ulta splurges!

Today’s topic is the Frog Prince lipstick from Lipstick Queen, which can be picked up at Ulta for $25. It’s a “lilypad green lipstick that transforms lips into a pretty rosebud pink.” The green shade reacts with the temperature and pH of your lips to create a sheer, glossy rose that wears off into a stain.

I thought this was a seriously cool product when I came across it at Ulta, and similar in idea to the Dior Addict Lip Glow ($33 at Dior), but slightly cheaper and more accessible as I don’t have a Sephora or high-end department store nearby. I picked it up and ripped the packaging open in the parking lot because I was so excited.

It’s definitely green (prepare for stares when applying in public – I thought my mom was going to flip when she saw me put it up to my lips!), and the first couple of swipes will leave your lips slightly greenish for the first few seconds to a minute, but soon enough your lips will transform into a your-lips-but-better-and-pinker shade with a glossy sheen. It’s bizarre! I’ve had this lippie for a few weeks now, and I still get excited every time I apply it. As far as moisturization goes, I think this product has the consistency of Chapstick and is quite moisturizing. If not eating and drinking, it’ll last several hours. If I eat or drink anything messy, it will come off, but leave a light stain. I’ve been keeping this in my purse rather than in my makeup bag, and it’s a great on-the-go product to look put together on the move. This lipstick definitely shows up differently on different people; my mom used this and it turned her lips a medium-deep berry shade, whereas it’s definitely a rose shade on me. I imagine this would be a flattering lipstick on most fair and medium skin tones, although I’m not sure how it would compliment olive skin and the pigmentation is sheer, so it may not show up on deeper skin tones. Side note: the packaging is divine – it comes in a pink metal casing, which is equal parts badass and chic.

Unfortunately, as much as I really like this product, I don’t plan on repurchasing it. $25 is just a little too expensive for me since I have so many other sheer pink lippies for less $$. However, if you are looking for a fun “treat yoself” gift, I definitely recommend trying this!


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