How I Redid My Bedroom On A Budget

This post has been sitting in my drafts for months now, and I am finally coming around to finishing it as we prepare to pack these things up to go in storage for a few years. Of course!      The bow frame is actually a Christmas frame from Kohl’s; I flipped the matting around so that I can use it year round. The wooden map was a wedding gift from our Zola registry, the two bronze things (I honestly have no idea what to call them!) are from the Target Dollar Spot, the candle is from Bath & Body Works, the cute candle stand is from Pier 1, and the wreath is from Hobby Lobby. 

The two adorable wooden signs were purchased during the 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby, the lamp was a Target clearance find, and the wax warmer is from Kohl’s.

The bedroom furniture that we brought in tow with us to North Carolina were either hand-me-downs from when my parents were first married, or furniture that I grew up with as a child. As a result, they were mismatched; the nightstand was oak, the dresser was whitewashed pine, and the armoire was pine stained in a shade I like to call, “only-God-knows-what.” Our mattress also sat lonely on the floor. Honestly, I had more matching furniture in college. We haven’t had a bunch of extra money to spend on interior decorating, and the thought of buying a new bedroom set for a couple thousand dollars gives me anxiety. Especially considering the fact that hubs and I are both two capable, crafty people. So, we set out to make our teeny, temporary apartment feel a little more like a home and we’re pretty proud of the results. (And can’t wait to put all our hard work on display in storage for three years!!!…😉)

This nightstand entered my life somewhere in elementary school. It’s been well-loved, but it’s solid oak and has stood the test of time thus far. When we started the creative process of how we wanted to redo our furniture, I couldn’t decide what type of paint I wanted to use. I knew I didn’t want to sand and restain – especially since we were a thousand miles away from my dad’s arsenal of tools (let’s be real, mostly the power sander). Chalk paint is super popular these days, and as much as I love a matte finish on furniture, I chose to go with something else. I used Valspar Furniture Paint in the shade CI198 String of Pearls, a warm off-white. I wanted to brighten up the room and choose a color that gave me the freedom to incorporate personality into the space through other types of decor. String of Pearls was perfect! The Valspar paint was around $24 after military discount from Lowe’s, and was super easy to work with. The nightstand required 2 coats of paint and no prep work!!! I didn’t sand or prime, and the end result was beautiful. Opaque coverage and no brush strokes! I used some antiqued bronze hardware to update the nightstand and give it a fresh look.


The armoire was a little trickier – it had a high gloss finish on it to start with, so I did lightly sand the doors and body. It took three coats for even coverage, and I used bronze hardware again to update the pulls and knobs! I wish I would have used a foam roller on this piece, because I think I would have been able to finish it in two coats. I also rehung one of the doors on crooked, so ignore that minor detail for now 😉

I didn’t seal either of these pieces (I strongly recommend that you do!), but I will seal them with polycrylic before we put them in storage. The dresser is still a work in progress, but I think I’m going to paint the body and stain the drawers for a fun two-tone look!

My husband also built a platform bed using plans from Shanty-2-Chic. (I tucked our bedding in so that you could see the frame) It was a super simple plan, and we stained it using Minwax Dark Walnut sealed with polyurethane. When we return stateside we plan to build another bed, but the platform bed has been wonderful for now ☺️ Here is the link to the plans – however, be aware that you will need to adjust the dimensions for a queen or king sized bed!   

In all, it cost us around $120 in materials, hardware, and other supplies to craft a bed and redo some furniture. We got to personalize some sentimental pieces of furniture and saved a lot of money on buying new pieces. I now view our bedroom as a sanctuary, rather than a mismatched place to sleep. It’s cozy and cute and perfect for us! I have some more pieces of furniture that I want to refurbish as statement pieces, so feel free to share any inspo or suggestions you have in the comments ☺️

• Shelbie Layne


One thought on “How I Redid My Bedroom On A Budget

  1. You both did a wonderful job with your bedroom! The in thing is not too matchy. I love everything you’ve done. Do you like the paint you used? How about brush strokes? It’s such a beautiful color! All your sweet touches with the frames and signs are too adorable! Oh and do you like the wax warmer? Well done on the room! 🙂


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