Lamora Beauty Brush Haul! 

 Happy almost Friday! (Fri-yay, am I right?) This will be quick – just wanted to share these pretty new brush babies with you all! I have blogged about my beloved Lamora flat top kabuki brush before, and as a recap I actually prefer it to my Sigma F80. It’s super soft and blends liquid and powder foundations like a dream. I got an email from Lamora Beauty with a coupon code to get this 6-piece set for $5 on Amazon, so naturally I jumped at that opportunity. 6 brushes for $5?! Crazy steal.

The set comes with a flat top kabuki, an angled kabuki, domed kabuki, shader brush, blending brush, and angled eye brush. I’ve used all of them except for the angled eye brush so far and I’m in love. They are SO soft. One thing I did notice was that Lamora must have made some changes to their brushes since I got my first one – my original brush has a matte black plastic handle and is super lightweight. It definitely feels cheap. The new ones that I got in this set have heavier, high gloss (and slightly sparkly!) tapered handles and the bristles are just a teensy bit longer. They are beautiful! The set is $20 right now on Amazon, which is still a great price. They look, feel, and perform like professional brushes, and they are also cruelty free & vegan friendly. I highly recommend you check them out!

New brush on top, old brush on bottom

What are your favorite inexpensive brushes? Let me know in the comments!




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