K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint • Fri-yay!

Happy Friday! I snagged some new products at the drugstore today and couldn’t wait to try the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint…so keep reading! 👇🏼

I purchased the shade 02 Natural Brown. It looks somewhat like a lipgloss tube with a brush applicator, and the product is a gel that looks frighteningly black. For someone like me with blonde hair, it felt a little ominous. But, ya know…do it for the ‘Gram. You apply the product to clean eyebrows and let it sit for a minimum of two hours, but preferably overnight. When you’re ready to reveal your new brows, simply peel off the product and voila! This product won a 2017 Cosme award (think Allure beauty picks). I have thin, sparse eyebrows and I would loooove not having to spend time filling them in every morning.

I was surprised at how easy it was to apply. There are two eyebrow stencils tucked into the box, but they were both too thick for my natural brow shape. If you make any mistakes, you can swipe them away easily with a q-tip. When you first apply it, it looks very dark and ridiculous. I felt kind of like Groucho Marx, which then made me really antsy about committing, but the tint only lasts up to a week, so it’s not nearly as much of a commitment as microblading. I figured I could just cover my eyebrows with foundation and salvage them with a pencil if my little experiment went south.

I left the tint on for about three hours (I was impatient and nervous, what can I say!), and I was shocked 1. at how easy and painless it was to peel off, and 2. at how good it looks! My brows definitely look fuller and more defined, and I’m so excited about shaving time off my morning routine. It only took me 5-10 minutes to apply the tint, which should last for 3 to 5 days. A few sweeps of the Kate Tokyo brow powder I picked up today should be more than enough in the mornings now! 🙌🏼

If you’d like to try the 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint, it’s available on Amazon. Okinawa friends: you can find this at Tokyu Hands, Don Q, and some Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores for roughly ¥1200. The product comes in 5 shades: Light Brown, Natural Brown, Mocha Brown, Ash Brown, and Smoky Brown. If you have sparse brows like me or are just looking for an easy, low maintenance brow routine, I highly recommend trying this product out!


What’s In My Travel Bag?

Every time I travel I play the how-much-stuff-can-I-bring-in-my-carryon bag game. Since I’ve been traveling throughout Southeast Asia, I haven’t been checking any luggage. I try to only bring essentials and multi-purpose products to save space for goodies I pick up on my travels. This little bag doesn’t include my skincare or hair items, but I usually only bring a travel size face wash and moisturizer (from this Murad kit), Simple Skin Care cleansing wipes (a lifesaver on the go), a detangling hair brush and travel size shampoo/body wash. I find that more often than not, I end up with my hair in a messy bun or half-pulled back in a hair clip. Depending on where I’m traveling, I may switch out (or add) powder or foundation to match the climate of my destination. For example, when I went to Taiwan, it was extremely humid so I brought Estee Lauder Double Wear because I knew it would hold up. But, the items below are staples that I bring along no matter the destination.






I’ve found that this is the perfect combination of versatile face products to give me a fresh-faced, but not overdone look on the go. The Complexion Rescue makes for a hydrating, healthy looking base, and it’s perfect for balancing your skin on dry flights. I spot conceal and highlight my undereyes with the concealer, and use the bronzer and shimmer palette for both my face and eyes. Depending on the size of the bottle, I’d also recommend tossing a setting spray in your bag just to keep it long-lasting. Lately, I’ve been loving the Smashbox Primer Water and Milani Make It Last Setting Spray.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of these products are from the drugstore. Not only are these all really great products in terms of performance, they’re also affordable, which is a pro when you’re traveling and don’t want to risk losing your baggage or breaking something expensive. The makeup bag I’m using is from Vera Bradley, part of the Travel Cosmetic Set, which I highly recommend–it’s a 4-piece set that works great together for longer trips and separated for short getaways.

What’s in your travel bag? Anything I need to add to my own? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: this blog contains Amazon affiliate links.

Fri-yay! Maybelline x Star Wars

Happy weekend everyone! This is a short entry, although I promise I’m sitting on about four blogs that I need to roll out. Alex and I visited the big new Aeon mall, and at his suggestion I picked something out from the cosmetics counter in the department store. If you read my last Fri-yay blog you know that the drugstore and high end cosmetics are all together in the Aeon department store, which is kind of cool.

My husband and I love Star Wars, and since I didn’t try any of the cool Covergirl x Star Wars beauty products back in the US, I thought it would be fun to try out one of the products here. My Stila Stay All Day liquid liner is on its very last threads of life, so this liquid liner caught my eye. Just look at the cute Stormtrooper! I wish I’d taken photos in the store because they also had a cute one with R2D2 and C3PO. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what shade they were, even with the assistance of Google Translate. I did a lot of Google-ing and figured out that the Stormtrooper one was “soft black.” I don’t know what I was expecting out of soft black – maybe still black but not like…black hole black? I’m not sure. I will say that I was super disappointed!

^That’s with multiple swipes back and forth. It is barely pigmented! The tip is very precise and similar to the Stila, which I like. However, this barely shows up over my eyeshadow, so it’s almost not worth it. It does add a teensy bit of definition though, so I’ll still use it on occasion. It was ¥1200, so roughly $11.

Although this was fun to try, it’s definitely not something I’ll repurchase. If you have any recommendations of products to try or things you’d like to see reviewed, let me know! I’m waiting on an order from Colourpop and I’ve been testing some drugstore brow products, so look out for those in the coming weeks!

Xo Shelbie

•June 2015 Favorites•

Hi friends! I know, it’s a week into July, and I’m just getting around to posting this. I’ve never been known for my punctuality. Also, how is it already July?! Time escapes me. This month, I’ve got a couple random things on my favorites list because I haven’t been wearing makeup every day like I usually do – I no longer interact with customers face-to-face at my new job, so I’ve been loving my newly-five-minute morning routine.


Up first is the Neutrogena Shine Control primer ($14 at Ulta). I’ve blogged about this before in my 14 Beauty Favorites of 2014 post, and recently started using it again. It’s not a primer for skin perfecting or smoothing, rather it’s more of a lotion-type product that sits under your makeup and soaks up oil throughout the day. It got mediocre reviews because of it’s lack of silicone-like texture, but I love it for what it does.

In combination with that, I’ve been using the Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream in Fair, ($40 at Arbonne through Brittnee Bidwell) which is a sheer-medium coverage color correcting cream. Even though I don’t spend as much time interacting with people face-to-face at work as I have at previous jobs, I’m still not totally comfortable going in to work without any coverage on my skin in order to maintain a professional and put-together appearance. This is lightweight and leaves a natural skin finish. I love this over the drugstore BB and CC creams I’ve tried. It does a lot for eliminating the natural redness in my skin without looking like I have makeup on. It has not broken me out or irritated my skin in any way, which is a big plus. Disclaimer: I received this product free for testing purposes.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner ($4 at Walmart) has been a favorite of mine lately. I have noticed that my hair feels softer and stronger since I’ve been using this conditioner, and the fragrance is amazing and long lasting. It doesn’t weight down my hair, and although I haven’t been paying close enough attention to notice if my hair is getting longer, I do think my hair looks healthier overall. Win!

CoverGirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Magnetic Mauve ($7 at Target) has been a purse staple for me over the last month. I love the smell (vanilla-candy-ish?) and creamy consistency of this lipstick, and it definitely lasts 4-5 hours on me. I think this particular shade is a great on-the-go color to keep in your bag to complete any day or nighttime look. I wish there were more shades of this!

EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss ($4 at Ulta) also surprisingly made my list; I am an outspoken opponent of EOS lip balms after experiencing a terrible allergic reaction. (Seriously – Google it! So many others have had awful experiences with these balms. The packaging is adorable, but there are better, more moisturizing options out there.) I was skeptical to try another product from this brand, but I’m glad I did. Due to my extremely sensitive skin, I still get razor burn when I use this product, but it has helped a lot. I only have two complaints: 1. it kind of clogs up your razor, and 2. it doesn’t smell like vanilla…or anything, really! I’m not usually one to complain about scents, since fragrance is seldom good for your skin, but it kinda just smells like plastic. If I were to repurchase this, I would choose a different scent!

The next product, Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo ($3.50 at Walmart.com), appears to have gotten awful reviews – not because of the product itself, but because of the packaging. This product is produced by Procter & Gamble, just like the Aussie dry shampoo that I just now realized I never blogged about, and they have identical packaging. I did have issues with the sprayer on the Aussie bottle clogging up and no longer working. I refused to give up on it, so after washing the cap (I pulled it up from the can) under warm water for about a minute, I was able to unclog it. Inconvenient, yes, but I’ve had the same issue with several other brands of dry shampoo. Packaging aside, this dry shampoo smells fantastic in true Herbal Essences fashion, and leaves my hair feeling clean and refreshed. I will absolutely repurchase this product! I don’t think it really brightened my hair color, but I do think it did a great job at volumizing and mattifying without leaving a white powder finish.

Finally, a product that I used almost every single day in June, the Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion ($20-ish on Amazon). This product has mixed reviews on other blogs due to poor customer service from Sun Laboratories. I purchased my bottle on Amazon with Prime shipping, so I can’t confirm or deny any complaints made elsewhere. This is a very green-based tanner, so the nozzle ends up looking like a swamp after a while, but the color is very natural. The smell is a sweet cherry-almond scent, which I find pleasant if not almost too sweet. Compared to other self-tanning products I’ve tried, I find the smell to be a positive. This product MUST MUST MUST! be applied with a mitt. It does transfer onto clothes if they are tight-fitting and put on soon after application. It looks best on legs and arms, and lasts up to a week on me. I probably won’t repurchase this, just because I can get the Fake Bake Flawless for cheaper, and I prefer the color from that product better, however if you are interested in trying a green-based tanner or are searching for a tanner that doesn’t smell bad, I do recommend trying this one. Check out my How I Stay Tan Without Tanning post for more information on what I use to self tan!

Bonus favorite: I’ve been loving the band Kodaline this month. Check them out on Spotify!

That’s a wrap for June favorites! Let me know what you were loving this June in the comments below!


Try It Tuesday: NEW Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Liquid Foundation

Just foundation –> full face –> 8 hours later

Hey you! Yes, you. Have you been to Target recently? No? Well, considering I go on regular 48-hour intervals to buy things I don’t need and try on heaps of clothes I won’t buy, I’ve gotten to know the store pretty well. So, when I was perusing the makeup aisle the other day, I happened to notice a new addition to the Maybelline display in the makeup aisle! I’m always on the hunt for a good drugstore foundation, so when I saw that Maybelline had revamped it’s SuperStay makeup and released the SuperStay Better Skin foundation ($10.99 at Target.com, I paid $9.99 at my local store), obviously I had to try it out. I’m running low on my ever-loved Covergirl 3-in1, so it was perfect timing. Without further ado….


Per Ulta,

Maybelline’s SuperStay Better Skin Foundation gives an all-day flawless coverage and better-looking skin in 3 weeks. The foundation reduces the appearance of spots, bumps, dullness and redness and gives you a brighter, more even and smoother skin.


  • All-day, flawless coverage and a better-looking skin in 3 weeks
  • Longwear that improves skin every minute you’re in it
  • With the antioxidant power of Actyl-C, a more durable form of Vitamin C
  • For all skin types
  • Medium to full coverage

That’s a pretty impressive list of claims. Better skin is on most of our wishlists, and it’s definitely on mine! I really only break out on my chin anymore, but I have years of acne scarring, redness, and freckles that I prefer to keep hidden, so this really appealed to me.


It has a pump!!!! (Revlon…put a pump on ColorStay and I might start using it again) Having a pump is SO important to me for convenience and sanitation. It’s definitely medium-full coverage (except for on my nose – you can still see my freckles), and I was able to blend it flawlessly with my RT miracle complexion sponge. I was also able to find a perfect color match (25 Nude), which is a huge plus for my light, yellow-undertoned skin and it has a demi-matte finish.


This list will be much longer. When I first applied this foundation, it looked beautiful. My skin was flawless, and the finish was gorgeous!….for a few hours. I have combo skin, and this really accentuated both my dry patches and my big pores, as well as turning my face into the inside of a frying pan. Within 4 hours almost all of the foundation had broken up on my skin and I looked like I had rubbed tinted Crisco on my cheeks. Seriously unattractive. It’s also very thick, and I didn’t like that I could feel it sitting on top of my skin. It looks very cakey with even translucent powder, and it oxidized to at least one full shade darker and much pinker than the original shade. Honestly, it was pretty bad.

Overall opinion:

I will be returning this. I wanted to love it, and I think it may actually be a really good foundation for someone who already has smooth-textured, normal skin without big pores. The coverage is great, and I like the packaging, but it just does not work for my skin type. If you have combination or oily skin, I highly recommend skipping this foundation. If you have dry skin, beware. For those of you with normal skin: you’re lucky and I hate you. (jk) I can’t judge this foundation’s abilities to improve skin, since I think it would take continued use to make any determinations and I’ll be returning it, but I can definitely say that this does not last “all day” as advertised.

Below is a photo of me wearing the foundation with concealer, powder, bronzer & blush in natural lighting. You can see how it accentuates the uneven texture of my skin and didn’t cover the freckles on my nose and forehead.


Have you tried this foundation? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


March 2015 Faves

This post is super overdue. Practically a month overdue.  My B. But let’s talk about my beauty faves of March 2015!

March is one of my least favorite months, because in Wisconsin, March = slush, false hopes for spring, and the realization that your favorite shoes have been irreparably ruined by road salt. The plus side to March is Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, which is the greatest 3 weeks of beauty sales on Planet Earth. Unfortunately, my focus for March was on saving money for my trip to visit Alex, so I did not buy any goodies from the sale, but I did salivate over the Too Faced Sweethearts blushes from afar.

I did, however, pick up a few small goodies this month, three of which ended up here on my favorites list!

1. Maybelline Dream Wonder pressed powder ($9 at Ulta, cheaper at Target/Walmart) – I have yet to find a pressed powder that I love more than this one, and I’m shocked that it has such low reviews on Ulta and Makeup Alley.  It’s so creamy, smooth, and leaves my face looking like it’s been airbrushed to perfection. It does darken my foundation, but it is not a translucent powder so that’s to be expected. I’ve actually found that using a foundation shade that’s about a shade too light in combination with this powder gives me the perfect look. I’ve repurchased this a few times, and plan to do so in the future. It does not expressly claim to control oily skin, but I think it actually does a pretty good job; I would say it keeps me matte as long as the Rimmel Stay Matte powder does (5-ish hours). When my luggage arrived late and I didn’t have any of my regular makeup, I used this as a powder foundation and was actually able to build it up to a sheer/medium coverage.

2. Wet n Wild Color Icon blush in Pearlescent Pink (2.99 at Walgreens & Walmart) – I swear I’ve talked about this on Wisconsin Whimsy before, but in case I haven’t, you need this blush.It’s so pigmented, and gives a bright, punchy glow that’s perfect for giving your cheeks a springy pop of color. In real life, it looks a little more like a coral-pink, and it does have shimmer in the pan, however I think it comes across as a satin finish on the skin. The price can’t be beat on these blushes, and they are more pigmented than my ever-loved MAC blush. I apply this blush with a light hand and a stippling brush. Love!

3. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti ($8.49 at Ulta) – I actually scored this on clearance at the MCX for $2.99! I have several other shades of the Lip Butters: Pink Lemonade, Wild Watermelon, Sorbet, and Creme Brulee. I don’t own any orange lip shades, and Alex thought it was cute, so I went ahead and bought it thinking that it’d be one of those lippies you never wear but keep around anyway. I was wrong! It’s a bright tangerine, but the formula of these lipsticks is semi-sheer, so you can build up the color. It is perfect for spring, and I love to wear it when I’m wearing neutrals or black and white for a fun color pop. I also really like that it doesn’t snag on my dry lips and moisturizes them. Love!

4. Mario Badescu Soothing & Healing Mask (full size $20 at Mario Badescu) – This is a sample that I received from Mario Badescu after taking their skin profile questionnaire. I’m always wary of introducing new skin care products into my routine since I have such sensitive and breakout-prone skin, but decided to give the products a go due to their reputation. I used this in combo with my sample of the Drying Cream, and liked that I could still enjoy the results of the drying cream without the aftermath of redness and flaky skin. I actually found that this was effective on its own at treating my cystic acne. I did not follow the directions and instead of washing it off after 20 minutes, left it on my bumps overnight as a spot treatment and washed it off with my Clarisonic the next morning and was amazed at the difference I saw! I’m thinking about purchasing the full size of this towards the end of summer so that I have it for the fall and winter months when my skin is really suffering.

5. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation ($14.99 at Ulta) – I paid $11 at the MCX for this, and you can also probably get it cheaper at Walmart or Target, however I haven’t seen it at either of those stores locally. This is a medium-coverage liquid foundation. I like this for days that I’m not going all-out in my makeup routine, because I can quickly buff it in with a flat top buki. This is definitely only medium coverage, which I was a little disappointed by at first, and several of the shades are slightly orange, however I was able to find a shade that works for me (sun beige) and if I want full coverage, I mix it with my Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation and apply with my Real Techniques sponge. I wore this foundation in my engagement photos, and I think it looked totally flawless. It lasted for at least 7 hours, kept me matte (I didn’t touch it up), and didn’t oxidize. If you have minimal redness and few blemishes, I highly recommend this foundation. I think it’ll be a perfect summertime foundation, so I’m excited for the warmer weather to get here!

6. Vaseline Intensive Therapy Cocoa Butter body lotion ($6 at Walmart) – I was in the market for a new body lotion, and I needed something that absorbed quickly, didn’t have a strong smell, and actually moisturized my skin. I love this lotion because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, and the barrier it creates helps my skin from drying out. It smells warm and soft like cocoa butter, but it’s not strong enough that it interferes with my perfume. I like to use this in between self-tanning sessions so that my tan fades evenly, and I like that it’s affordable. I will definitely repurchase this again when I run out!

That concludes my March 2015 favorites! What were your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

This is a written promise to post my April 2015 favorites within the same decade 😉