Dry Shampoo Showdown Round 10

Okay, it’s not really round 10. But I’ve talked about dry shampoo on wisconsinwhimsy what feels like a million times, and I always seem to come back to one particular product—Batiste. If you’ve somehow been living under a rock, or maybe you’re just not lazy like me and wash your hair every day, Batiste is a drugstore dry shampoo that retails anywhere from $6–10. It has a cult following (but not a real cult…) and works amazingly on my hair. I can usually extend a hairstyle out for 3 days (sometimes 4 if I’m feeling reckless) with Batiste, which is impressive considering my oily scalp and limp hair. Since I moved to Okinawa, I’ve only had very limited access to Batiste, so I’ve been on the hunt for a product that’s just as good or better.

I frequently get questions about my hair and how I keep it shiny and long, and the answer is really simple: I’m lazy, so I don’t usually heat style it, and I don’t wash it every day. Daily shampooing is really damaging to your hair. A lot of people think their hair is too oily to not wash every day, but that’s likely not the case. Every time you wash your hair, your shampoo is basically sending your scalp a text that says, “Make more oil!” It can take time to train your scalp to intermittent washing, but it’s worth it.

If you missed my A Year’s Worth of Beauty Trash blog, I tried out Not Your Mother’s, Got2B, Dove, Bumble & Bumble, and TIGI Bed Head. Of that group, the Dove was easily my favorite, but it still can’t hold a candle to my beloved Batiste. Today, we’re talking about the next round of dry shampoos I’m testing, and we’ll see how they compare.

FullSizeRender 3

  1. blowpro Essentials Faux Dry / $11 / Let me start by saying I purchased all of these products at a military exchange, so the price I paid may not be the same as at your local drugstore, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the aerosol version online anywhere. This talc-free dry shampoo has a distinct musky smell (almost masculine, almost old ladyish), so if you’re sensitive to scents I would skip this entirely. Smell aside, it actually works pretty well. It’s not super powdery, but powdery enough to absorb the oils on your scalp without leaving white residue behind. I don’t think this is a heavy-duty dry shampoo that you could use for several days, but it works perfectly for next-day hair. It doesn’t create any product buildup and is easy to wash out. I don’t think it’s life-changing, or honestly even hair-changing, but it’s a decent dry shampoo. The non-aerosol version (which is slightly different and unscented) can be purchased for $24 on Amazon.  -CRUELTY FREE-
  2. Herbal Essences bio-renew Volume Dry Shampoo / $6, Target / Let me just start (and basically end) this by saying this dry shampoo sucks. It smells great—fruity and slightly minty, which is a nice pick-me-up for dirty hair. Beyond that, there really isn’t anything positive to say about it. It’s not powdery at all; it makes your roots slightly damp, which then turns into a weird crunchy/sticky mess. I give this a 0/5. Try at your own risk and waste of six dollars.
  3. Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo / $11 ON SALE, Ulta / I really, really, wanted this to blow me away. I love Sexy Hair products, and am currently amassing a collection of them, which I honestly will probably never use…hence why we’re here talking about dry shampoo. It’s fine. Anyway, this is another product I found to be just okay. It has your standard salon smell mixed with some sort of fake watermelon??? The smell of this was actually offensive to me…I had to physically leave the bathroom, and it still followed me around. It’s also worth noting that this one is salon-priced. It retails for $17 and you only get 3.4 oz of product. It’s not powdery, but it’s not wet like the Herbal Essences one either. It seems to be more alcohol-ish? It doesn’t appear to do anything immediately to your hair at all. The can says to leave it on for two minutes and brush out the excess. I haven’t been able to locate any visible ‘excess’ while using this product, so I usually apply it and massage my roots after a couple of minutes. It makes your hair look voluminous, but it can really only handle next-day hair. -CRUELTY FREE-
  4. Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo / $8, Ulta / The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Unfortunately, none of the other brands held up to Batiste standards. It’s still my favorite. ♡ This is definitely the most powdery of the bunch, but I think that’s why it works so well. A lot of bad reviews mention the amount of product it leaves in your hair—you only need a few, short sprays of this, and if you have colored hair there are colored options ($9, Ulta). My favorite scents are Wild and Tropical, but only Blush was available at my exchange. My only complaint is that I seem to go through Batiste quickly, but that’s really not an issue when I’m living stateside and have easy access to Ulta or Target. If you’re a lazy hair person like me and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, or you just love a good deal, try this out! -CRUELTY FREE-

If you’re looking for a more in-depth review on several brands, visit this Reviews.com guide for the best dry shampoos. It’s based on 54 contenders, tested over 6 weeks. I hadn’t even heard of their top pick, Klorane, until reading the guide, so I’m going to pick it up when I visit the States in October. 👏🏼 As always, if you have any recommendations for me to try, leave them in the comments below! Bonus points if it’s a non-aerosol so I can have it shipped to me. (Or, if you know of some mysterious Japanese dry shampoo, please let me know!)



Review: L’Oreal Summer Lights Hair Lightening Geleé

Can we all agree that it’s practically summer? I know that it doesn’t officially start for 11 more days (I wasn’t counting), but the weather is starting to get a little nicer here for once! Bring on the never-ending road construction, the Wednesday night farmer’s market food, the bonfires, the mosquito bites, and yard work, because I. Am. Ready.

Something about summer makes me want to lighten my hair. I have naturally dirty-blonde hair with the slightest hint of strawberry blonde thrown in the mix as well. I used to frequently highlight my hair at home with the Clairol Nice n Easy Hairpainting kit ($12.39 at Drugstore.com, similar at other retailers), but it is a little expensive for home color (hairstylists are crying at that comment) and it does take time and practice. It’s been over a year since I’ve colored my hair, and I decided it was time for a change. I’ve been thinking about doing some pale blonde highlights before my wedding, and came across a new product in the hair dye aisle at Target.

I rarely buy makeup without scouring the internet for blogs, makeupalley reviews, and YouTube videos, and it’s even more rare for hair products. But I figured, “what the hell,” tossed it in the cart, and did some research when I got home. The L’Oreal Summer Lights Hair Lightening Geleé is a “permanent natural lightening gel,” and I picked it up for $6.50 at Target. This product is relatively new in the US, but has been out for a couple of years in the UK. There are two color variations: “Dark Blonde to Light Blonde” and “Light Brown to Dark Blonde.” I got the dark blonde to light blonde product. The box includes 3.4 fluid ounces of product in a squeeze tube. The UK version includes the same amount of product and a pair of gloves (which are necessary for the use of this product). It claims to gradually lighten your hair without ammonia, and is infused with camellia oil for nourishment. Basically, you put on gloves, and apply this to your wet or dry hair either in sections for highlights or all over for more of a full dye effect, and leave it in. Voila! Gradual lightening. Results “intensify” if you blow dry your hair or dry it in the sun.

I highly recommend using this product on wet hair. It will save you product and is much easier to apply; when applied to dry hair, the product dries sort of crusty and is really hard to evenly distribute. Also, this product gives you golden lightening – there is no ashiness to be found when using this product – although it isn’t brassy. It smells amazing, and I haven’t noticed any major damage to my hair. I used it four days in a row, once twice a day, and it left my hair a little dry, but nothing some deep conditioning/coconut oil can’t help. The only negative I have to say about this product is that it left me with some minor scalp sensitivity after repeated use, but other than that I’m really pleased with the results! I would recommend using this every other day until you achieve desired results, and be aware that any kind of permanent color alteration in your hair will cause some damage. The packaging states not to use this product if you already have color treated hair, although I did see several YouTube reviews of people who used this to refresh old highlights and had a good experience, so use at your own risk!

Here is a before and after photo of my hair. The before photo is obviously in different lighting, but it is a good indication of my natural hair color. I think the difference is definitely noticeable!

I’ve only used the product 5-6 times and the lightening effect is not only noticeable, but natural looking as well. It really does give a “sunny” look without the orange brassiness of Sun In.

I probably use a quarter-sized blob every time I apply it to my hair, so I’ve barely even made a dent in the bottle, but I would definitely repurchase this again! I apply it to my damp hair with nitrile gloves and blow dry it, and that seems to produce the most noticeable results.

Have any of you tried this product? Let me know in the comments!


Current Hair Favorites ✂️


My love for cosmetics has always overshadowed my interest in hair. I usually either let my hair air dry and leave it alone, or straighten it, so I definitely would not refer to myself as a hair expert. However, I still pride myself on having semi-tamed tresses and trying new hair products. These are the products I’ve been using in my daily hair arsenal:

1. Herbal Essences Tousling Mousse ($4-ish at Target) – I have naturally wavy-straight hair, and I like to use this on days that I want to look naturally put together. I usually shower before bed, so I like to put this in my damp hair before I fall asleep. In the morning, I wake up with frizz-free, lightly defined waves. Bonus: it makes your hair smell amaze-balls!

2. Suave Professionals Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo ($2.88 at Walmart) – Showering every day is wasteful and unnecessary, but even if you must shower every day, washing your hair every day contributes to dryness and breakage. On the days I don’t shower or wash, this is my go-to dry shampoo. I’ve tried a lot of other higher-end dry shampoos, and I find that this one is just as effective. It doesn’t leave me with white, granny residue, and it leaves a light tropical scent. Also, I’m cheap.

3. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control ($18 at Nordstrom) – This is actually my mom’s and I snag it every time I come home. It leaves your hair with that heavenly Aveda scent, and leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. I love that it’s not heavy or greasy feeling. It’s a little pricey, but the bottle is a large size and will absolutely last several months, even with daily use.

4. Matrix Biolage Thermal Active Repair Gloss ($17 at Walgreens) – This stuff is AWESOME! I put about a half pump of this in my damp hair before blow drying (rare occasions) and it leaves me with silky, shiny hair. Heat protectants are so important if you regularly style your hair with hot tools. It smells nice and light, which is a plus, too. The only con to this is that you do have to use it sparingly in order to avoid looking greasy.

5. TONI & GUY Casual Sea Salt Spray (Cheapest at Target, $15) – I actually got this for free from Rent the Runway last November when I rented my gown for the Marine Corps Ball. Inside the box with my gown was a little bag of goodies, including two TONI & GUY products, one of which was this! I’ve never had a sea salt spray actually do anything to my hair. This one leaves me with soft, touchable waves that really do look like I spent the day at the beach! I find it works best in combination with other wave products, like the tousling mousse above. It smells good, too!

6. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme (2oz $8 and 4oz for $20 at Fekkai.com) – I’ve been using this for years. I’ve never used a hair product that left my hair feeling SO soft as this one. It’s infused with olive oil, and never leaves me feeling greasy. It has a light scent, but isn’t noticeable throughout the day. One thing I’ve always found confusing about this product is that the 4oz size is more expensive than buying two 2oz bottles. Can someone explain this to me?? lol! So for that reason, I always purchase the 2oz bottles. If I had to choose one product off this list that really made the most difference in my hair, this would be it. I really can’t recommend it enough!

7. Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade ($22 at Nordstrom) – Flyaways-be-gone! This is a unisex product, so men can definitely give this product a go for their own styling needs, and women with pixie cuts may find this especially helpful in taming their short styles. What I personally really love this pomade for is taming my flyaways. It has great hold, leaves a sheen (without looking greasy), and is pretty much fool-proof in application. A little goes a long way, so this should last quite a while.

That concludes what I’ve been loving on my hair at the moment! Do any of you use this products? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!